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Garg Ashok & Co. is a Chartered Accountancy Firm standing in the profession for more than 29 years. With an objective of orderly and sustainable growth of the firm and instilling core competencies in the partners, Garg Ashok & Co became part of the bigger network by merging itself with SBG & Co w.e.f 31/12/2006. Furthermore, the merged firm achieved the objectives of developing core competencies and rendering professional services of a larger range spread over a bigger geographical area. The merger remained effective for a period of 4 years till 31/12/2010.  Post-demerger the firm continued its journey on the path of growth with new zest and zeal and it continuously achieved new milestones with every passing year.  The firm regularly expands its connections by investing in human resources and relations.

The firm aspires to render sound and transparent professional services to clients’ satisfaction in terms of timely and effective delivery of services. The firm recognizes that open and ongoing communications with the client are imperative for ensuring timely responses to the client’s requirements as execution is always of the foremost importance. 
A gap between the client’s expectations and perception of the client’s requirements is highly undesirable. Thus, the emphasis is on defining clients’ requirements, and feedback and using this communication process to enhance the quality of services rendered.